Purpose: The goal is to accelerate development of valuable software that could apply to a large audience.

Available Funds: OpZoom Fund is a $1 million fund that invests in software technology products. To minimize concentration risk, the maximum investment available to any one company is $100,000.

Term & Cost: All investments have a fixed funding term negotiated at the time the investment is made. Funds are available as soon as the product is released and available to real users. Funding is likely to be attached to a software product or a company. The rate of return and rate of success are typically determined based on the market and our investors require a reasonable return on their investment at a portfolio level. LINK to a dealroom.co stats that guide our investors.

Qualifications & Requirements: Our investors are more likely to invest in who they see as confident, capable and eager. Their chances of a successful exit depend on your likelihood of raising more investment OR earning revenue quickly. So, relevant evidence of your ability to succeed include past experience in the field, ability to sell or a large engaged following or existence of proven relationships.

How to Apply: Your success is important to us. Please Contact Us and describe the product you need built.