Available Funds: OpZoom Fund is a $1 million fund that invests in software technology products. To minimize concentration risk, the maximum investment available to any one company is $100,000.

Purpose: If you are looking to accelerate the development of technology that could apply to a valuable market, you will love our fund because it helps with non-dilutive equity funding using build, operate and transfer plans.

Value: Do you want to avoid diluting the equity in your company? Do you want to get started quickly and avoid waiting for investors? If you are looking for a way to quickly create anything between a beta product to a design with a reasonable assurance that it can be built within an acceptable timeframe and budget, you will love this.

Term & Cost: All investments have a fixed negotiated funding term. Funds are available as soon as the product is released and available to real users. This funding is attached to a software product and/or a company. The cost is determined based on market information such as this  LINK to dealroom.co stats.

Qualifications & Requirements: Our investors look for information that helps them decide the likelihood of your success by raising more investment OR earning revenue quickly. So, evidence of your relevant capabilities, experience and partnerships that could attract investments or generate sales in the field are valuable. Our investors value the experience that comes from failure.

How to Apply: Please Contact Us to get the latest information.